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恩大学 沙巴体育全新 offer a Christ-centered community engaged in thoughtful scholarship 和 career preparation.

Grace is a Christian college with more than 100 majors, minors, concentrations 选择…. 与我们的 专家教师 pushing you towards your highest potential, you will find the tools you need to confidently step into a career that fits your calling 和 allows you to use your God-given gifts. We are passionate about providing our students with college academics that feature innovative environments, emerging technologies, 应用学习 experiences, yet never neglecting the child-like excitement of learning. This way you are equipped to walk into your professional career with confident humility 和 bold curiosity.

出国留学 Opportunities at 恩大学

Applied Learning Experiences

College 沙巴体育全新 learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. 我们的 应用学习 credits ensure you graduate with extensive knowledge 和 h和s-on experience in your field. 更不用说, these internships in our community 和 beyond bolster your professional network, make the job search much easier!


At Grace, we don’t limit you. That’s why we encourage our students to experience learning beyond campus 和 Winona Lake. 与我们的 Go Encounter trips, 出国留学 opportunities, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in exciting, new surroundings. Whether you’re serving in Nicaragua, 斐济徒步旅行, or touring in Italy, you’ll carry these experiences with you long after you graduate.


Student to Faculty Ratio


Applied Learning 和 Internship Opportunities



Learn more about what it means to be an unclassified student!

Morgan 图书馆 Learning Center

The Morgan 图书馆 Learning Center offers students a place on campus to get academic assistance, attend writing labs, or simply to study in a quiet environment.

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恩大学 equips districts with professional st和ards 和 best practices to authorize 和 support quality public charter schools for all Indiana students.

Charter School Information
Wondering how to prepare for college in high school? 恩大学 is here to help with a college preparation checklist, preparing for college


Experience our college academics first-h和! Whether meeting with a professor or sitting in a class, visiting campus will illustrate how we approach academics at this Christian college.